HM.2030E HM.2050B HM.2048A
HM.2046 HM.2046A HM.2055
HM.2023 HM.2023A HM.2029B
HM.2039 HM.2039A HM.2017B
HM.2021G HM.2021E HM.2052A
HM.2061A HM.2032A HM.2031
HM.2031U HM.2031A HM.2031M
HM.2031P HM.2031T HM.2031I
HM.2060A HM.2036A HM.1002M
HM.1002N HM.1002A HM.1002B







All Hospimetal products can be made from stainless steel or epoxy finish.

Important: All our epoxy finish products have zinc phosphate anti-rust treatment. Oven polymerized powder electrostatic paint with epoxy-polyester resin. Have excellent chemical and mechanical resistance.

Hospimetal reserves the right to modify any product without prior notice.



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