It is indicated for transport and emergency procedures of patients in a comfortable, safe, and stable way, for an economic value. It allows the performance of X-ray examinations without the need to remove the patient.

  • Base of rectangular steel tube covered with high resistance thermoplastic material, with horizontal oxygen cylinder support.

  • Mattress platform structure of steel tube.

  • Mattress platform articulated of 4 sections, covered of 10 mm radiotransparent laminate for use of image intensifier and x-rays, supplied with drawer at back section for x-rays sheets.

  • Belts for patient’s security.

  • Retractable stainless steel tube side rails, with rapid coupling-gear device.

  • Bumpers around.

  • Stainless steel I. V. Pole with adjustable height, adaptable at 4 corners of the stretcher.

  • High-Low movement through hydraulic system by pedal. Trendelemburg and Reverse Trendelemburg movements through hydraulic cylinder by pedal. Back and Knees movements by gas piston with manual actuation.

  • 150 mm diameter casters with centralized braking system, allowing free movement, directing two casters for long courses, and total braking.


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 External dimensions

  2,01 x 0,74 m

 Internal dimensions

  1,83 x 0,62 m

 Height adjustable

  0,65 until 0,95 m


  250 kg


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  • Capacity 350 kg

  • Lowering side rails

  • Sliding drawer for x-rays under all mattress platform

  • Retractile handle for transport

  • Fifth wheel directional

  • Oxygen therapy holder with Flowmeter, Humidifier and Support for pulmonary ventilator

  • Drainage bag holder

  • Monitor support

  • Vertical oxygen cylinder support, at footboard

  • Other diameter of casters, dimensions and capacities

  • Other maximum and minimum heights

  • Other thicknesses and diameters of metal sheets and tubes


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Back Fawler Knees Trendelemburg
70° Min.   20° Min. 0° - 12°
Reverse Trendelemburg Sit High-Low  
0° - 12°      


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