It is indicated for transport and emergency procedures of patients in a comfortable, safe, and stable way, for an economic value. It allows the performance of X-ray examinations without the need to remove the patient. This model of stretcher offers the motorized moving frontwards and backwards, which provides greater ease in transportation with less effort of the nurses, making the locomotion faster and more agile.

  • Base of rectangular steel tube covered with high resistance thermoplastic material, with horizontal oxygen cylinder support.

  • Mattress platform structure of steel tube.

  • Mattress platform articulated of 4 sections, covered of 10 mm radiotransparent laminate for use of image intensifier and x-rays, supplied with drawer at back section for x-rays sheets.

  • Belts for patient’s security.

  • Retractable stainless steel tube side rails, with rapid coupling-gear device.

  • Bumpers around.

  • Stainless steel I. V. Pole with adjustable height, adaptable at 4 corners of the stretcher.

  • High-Low movement through hydraulic system by pedal. Trendelemburg and Reverse Trendelemburg movements through hydraulic cylinder by pedal. Back and Knees movements by gas piston with manual actuation.

  • 150 mm diameter casters with centralized braking system, allowing free movement, directing two casters for long courses, and total braking.

  • Motorized traction wheel located in the center of the stretcher, allows moving without the need of forcing when pushing it. Actuation through retractable ergonomic handlebar located under footboard, provided with velocity control and battery charge indicator, allowing moving frontward and backward. Device to retract traction wheel, located under base, allows manual moving without utilizing the motor.


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 External dimensions

  2,01 x 0,74 m

 Internal dimensions

  1,83 x 0,62 m

 Height adjustable

  0,65 until 0,95 m


  250 kg


 Motorization   Motorized traction wheel
 Main Voltage

  110/220 volts CA


  50/60 Hz

 Secondary Voltage

  24 volts CC - 70 A/h

 Rechargeable Battery

  Provided with rechargeable batteries for up to 3 hours of continuous actuation


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  • Capacity 350 kg

  • Lowering side rails

  • Sliding drawer for x-rays under all mattress platform

  • Oxygen therapy holder with Flowmeter, Humidifier and Support for pulmonary ventilator

  • Drainage bag holder

  • Monitor support

  • Vertical oxygen cylinder support, at footboard

  • Other diameter of casters, dimensions and capacities

  • Other maximum and minimum heights

  • Other thicknesses and diameters of metal sheets and tubes


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Back Fawler Knees Vascular
70° Min.   20° Min.  
Trendelemburg Reverse Trendelemburg Sit High-Low
0° - 12° 0° - 12°    


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