• Removable headboard and footboard in material injected in polyethylene. Has place to fit the footboard beside the headboard.

  • Base of steel tube covered with high resistance thermoplastic material, supplied with tray for the annexes.

  • Mattress platform structure of steel tubes and mattress platform articulated of 3 sections, being Back, Fixed Center and Legs, covered of high impact radiotransparent thermoforming ABS. Semicircle gap of the fixed center of 330 mm. It is possible making the retraction of the part of the legs under the mattress platform for the moment of the delivery.

  • Quick Release system for back section (Mechanical CPR).

  • Side rails placed at headboard section, in material injected in polyethylene, with independent movements, movable by half-rotation system, allowing to be kept above and below mattress platform.

  • Bumpers at the 4 corners of the bed.

  • 150 mm diameter casters with centralized braking system, allowing free movement toward all directions, directing two casters for long courses, and total braking.

  • ACCESSORIES: Equipped with a pair of thigh rests and a pair of feet rests, upholstered, having adjustable height and stainless steel annexes. One pair of stainless steel holding bars with adjustable height, placed at the sides of the bed, which help the woman in labor. Stainless steel basin placed under the footboard for collecting residues. Stainless steel I. V. Pole with adjustable height, adaptable at 2 sides of the headboard. Foam mattress covered of impermeable leatherette, with vulcanized sewing, made in accordance with the three parts of the bed.


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 External Dimensions

  2,20 x 1,05 m

 Internal Dimensions

  1,90 x 0,90 m

 Height Adjustable

  0,55 until 0,80 m


  180 kg


  Angle indicator of movements



  3 shielded motors with end-of-stroke protection, wire remote control with safety device

 Main Voltage

  110/220 volts


  50/60 Hz

 Secondary Voltage

  24 volts - 2 A

 Rechargeable Battery

  Unit 24 V - 1,2 Ah


  Mechanical release for motor protection


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  • Stainless steel arch

  • Headboard, footboard and side rails in stainless steel tubes

  • Headboard, footboard and side rails in material injected in polyurethane

  • Capacity 250/350 kg

  • Digital control at side rails

  • Pedals for the movements Trendelemburg/Reverse and High-Low

  • Drainage bag holder

  • Other diameter of casters

  • Other dimensions

  • Other maximum and minimum heights

  • Other thicknesses and diameters of metal sheets and tubes


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Back Trendelemburg Reverse Trendelemburg High-Low
70° Mín. 0° - 12° 0° - 12°  


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